Sorgen Bamboo Compression Crew Length Socks

Color: Blue and Grey

Compression Level: 20-30 mm Hg

Design: Closed toe; crew length

Suitable: for all Indian climates


GRADUATED COMPRESSION: 20-30 mmHg graduated compression to increase blood circulation, prevent leg cramps and swelling.

BAMBOO CHARCOAL FIBER :Made from high-quality bamboo charcoal to keeps your feet comfortable. Reinforced toes and heels provide longer durability.

HIGH COMFORT: The material is breathable and lightweight. Feels soft and gentle. It has moisture-wicking properties to prevent sweat from being absorbed, making you feel better, much longer.

USAGE: Perfect for the work or casual wear, Supports achy arches and ankles, Ideal for sports enthusiasts, runners , marathoners and active lifestyle

Compression Therapy:

Sorgen Bamboo Compression Socks contains bamboo, which is scientifically proven to be one of the most therapeutic plants. The graduated compression reduces swelling from the ankle to the beginning of the calf to increase blood flow in your legs. By keeping your muscle protected, our socks reduce fatigue and enhance performance in all your physical activities.

Bamboo Comfort:

Enjoy wearing compression socks that are so comfortable you will love it. Our bamboo socks are super soft and have the power to absorb 3X more moisture. You are left with fresh, dry, and non-smelly feet. The natural bamboo fibers gives a 99.9% bacteria reduction to your legs! Your legs are free of harmful substances – so there is no skin irritation.

Excellent for all activities:

Our strong bamboo compression improves blood circulation in the legs. Whether you’re exercising, managing your daily routine, or lounging at home, our bamboo socks give your delicate feet the ultimate comfort. It’s perfect for anyone looking for ultra-soft socks made from the highest quality fibers.


Sorgen Compression Bamboo Socks provide superior wicking properties. When you’re on your toughest and muddiest trails, your feet are protected and feel fresh. Due to the organic construction of bamboo in the socks, hikers will enjoy comfort while hiking. It keeps your legs warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Our bamboo socks provide relief and minimize tired and achy legs.


Perfect for cyclists, our compression bamboo socks have better moisture absorbency. The natural bamboo infused gives it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties that keep your feet fresh as you take on your daily ride. They keep your toes comfy and cozy while you pedal through.


Sorgen Compression Bamboo Socks offers high-quality comfort and support designed for avid runners. Whether you want performance support for marathons or leisurely run around the park, this is the perfect bamboo socks for you.