Sorgen Cold Compression Brace

Effective anti-inflammatory
Reduce swelling after an injury or trauma
Provides compression, protection, and support
Cold therapy helps slow down blood flow to the affected knee
Helps reduce muscle spasms and decrease pain
Ideal to use during sports to aid recovery from injury and
relieve joint pain
Non-restrictive design allows for greater range of motion


Cold Compression Brace: Featuring eight uniquely designed Cold Compression Brace for – Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Thigh, Back, Calf, Hand, Elbow. Provides cold compression therapy for pain-relieving support. The removable gel pack remain flexible and contour to the respective body part.

Compression Therapy: The air pump system helps control uniform compression as per desired. Compression helps increase blood flow to the area while promoting proper joint positioning. Sorgen Cold Compression Brace helps alleviate swelling, pain, and improves circulation.

Ergonomically Designed: Designed to target the pain points on joints. The adjustable straps with strong Velcro allow you to customize your brace to your exact size.

Removable Gel Pack: The brace has a removable cool gel pack that comes in a durable material to prevent leaking or getting punctured. It can stand many uses and will remain effective. Store the gel pack in the deep freezer for minimum before use.

Flexible Fit: The brace can be secured with a strong velcro fastener system; it easily adjusts to fit most adults. Suitable for both men and women.

Sorgen Cold Compression Knee Brace

Cold Compression Knee Brace

Ideal for:
Dislocated or twisted kneecap
Housemaid’s Knee (prepatellar bursitis)
Jumper’s Knee (patella tendonitis)
Pre or Post Knee Surgery
Runner’s Knee (iliotibial band friction)
Sprains or strains
Sore/Swollen knees
Torn ACL
Torn Meniscus

Cold Compression Ankle Brace

Ideal for:
Ankle sprains
Achilles tendonitis
Tibial tendonitis

Sorgen Cold Compression Shoulder Brace

Cold Compression Shoulder Brace

Ideal for:
Over-worked / tired upper arms
Shoulder impingements
Shoulder tendonitis
Tendon injuries
Torn rotator cuffs

Sorgen Cold Compression Back Brace

Cold Compression Back Brace

Ideal for:
Back spasms and stiffness
Chronic back sprains and pains
Post-surgery recovery
Sacroiliac joint discomfort
Sore backs
Strained lumbar

Sorgen Cold Compression Thigh Brace

Cold Compression Thigh Brace

Ideal for:
Bruising on thigh
Pulled or tight hamstring
Thigh strain

Cold Compression Elbow Brace

Ideal for:
Over-worked forearm