Sorgen Cool Pack

Relieves swelling, soreness and stiffness

Recommended for sore muscles, bruises, sprains

Targeted cold therapy for any body part

Sorgen outer cover included


Built to last: With a heavy-duty exterior and double sealed seams, the cool gel is designed to last for hundreds of quality cold therapy treatments. Each seam is sealed to prevent any leaks and enables reusability.

Long-lasting, soothing relief: Relaxes and soothes soreness and sprains under 30 minutes. Recommended for sore muscles, bruises, and sprains. Sorgen Cool Pack is generously sized, conforms to body parts perfectly and provides 30 minutes of cool therapy for targeted relief.

Safe for sensitive skin: Safe for everyone including teens, the soft cool pack is latex-free and filled with a non-toxic cool gel. It is recommended to use our Sorgen outer cover as a layer of clothing rest between your skin and the cool pack as a protective layer.

Fits all body parts

Our One-Size-Fits-Most unique design gives you a more comfortable cold therapy against the neck, shoulders or any joints for targeted ice therapy. Sorgen Outer Cover comes with elastic straps that can be easily adjusted to keep the Cool Pack in place which assures a PERFECT FIT for any body part.

Stays flexible when frozen

Sorgen Cool Pack easily conforms to any body part for a more targeted and effective treatment. The proprietary medical-grade gel remains flexible when frozen. Flexibility allows to enjoy full movement range. You can work, walk, drive with it.


Useful for common conditions, including: toothache, bruise, sprain, strain, torn ACL / MCL. Useful for a variety of sports athletes and great for use on nearly any body part.