Sorgen Performance Calf Sleeves

Color: Black and Red

Compression Level: 15-20 mm Hg

Design: Open toe reaches above the ankle

Suitable: for all Indian climates


RECOMMENDED FOR – Fights muscle fatigue and helps in recovery, Relieves calf pain, Prevents cramps and shin splints, Improves blood circulation,Better Performance

COMFORT FOR YOUR LEGS – Finally sleeves that are high in quality and comfort! Sorgen Calf Sleeves are designed for optimal compression to support your ligaments. The light compression increases blood flow and aids in recovery. Made with fine yet durable fabric, the sleeves are reinforced with seamless stitching so that its elastic properties remain.

HELP ATHLETES GO AN EXTRA MILE – Our calf sleeves get your blood circulating as well as it does so in style. It is great for physical activities, relief from swelling leg issues, maternity. The graduated compression is the maximum above the ankle bone and gradually decreases towards the calf. You feel instant comfort and support.

NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES – Sorgen Calf Sleeves are great for nurses, chefs, teachers. They can help with muscle cramps, shin splints, tendonitis, and other conditions. It reduces any soreness due to a lack of sufficient blood circulation. It also prevents cramps & fatigue. They are designed for everyday use, for people with jobs that require you to be on your feet for long periods.

Compression Therapy:

Provides graduated compression to promote blood circulation in the calf region. You can wear Sorgen Calf Sleeves to prevent injuries such as fatigue, soreness, and swelling in your lower legs. Perfect for athletes that require frequent muscle recovery.

Designed for Everyday Use:

Designed for extra support of your posterior and anterior calf muscles. Specially designed to boost performance during leg intensive activity such as a marathon, training, cycling, and more. It’s also perfect for regular daily use for jobs that require you to be on your feet for long.

Instant Relief:

Is your performance affected by shin splints, calf pain, or swellings in the feet? You’ll love our calf compression sleeve. It provides compression and stabilization throughout your entire calf, which helps alleviates shin splints, prevents calf cramps.


Sorgen compression calf sleeve slips on easily and hugs your calf. It’s what marathon runners and trail runners are wearing to help blood flow back to the heart. This sleeve is exceptionally comfortable and versatile, helping maintain your natural motion. While you take on the toughest routes, it protects your calf muscles.


While you are cycling, our calf sleeves help improves blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to your muscles. Wearing it allows your legs to recover faster afterward. This compression helps your calf muscle regenerate as well as helping to remove any lactic acid build-up.


Stay energized on your next run with Sorgen Calf Sleeve. The graduated compression improves performance, prevent injury, and decreases the risk of micro-trauma to your calf muscles. The breathable fabric promotes fast moisture evaporation and fast cooling on hot days.